Beautiful Colors

Last week I wrapped up my Elements of Color class at Sewingly Yours! It was a really fun group and they did a wonderful job pulling together a wheel of color. Janine chose these beauties! She did a great job of choosing like-style prints.


And Janet’s version! She did a great job of narrowing down her choices. It’s awesome:)


And Cheryl’s! She selected batiks. I’m not always a batik lover, but this will be an amazing wall hanging! Plus she cracked me up with her jazz hands pose when I went to take a picture. This was such a fun bunch of ladies!


And Denise! She’s almost done thanks to the TMQG sew in. And it’s pretty great! She chose all graphic prints. Gorgeous!


Color classes are my favorite! They all really did a wonderful job choosing pure colors for their projects! Great job!!
xo LC

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