Terrific Tip Tuesday: Phone Pic

Today’s tip doesn’t apply to folks with fancy pants machines. You know when you’re using a specialty stitch and you get everything all set up and then you try to take notes on all the settings, but your notes don’t make sense the next day?! If this doesn’t happen to you, you can join all the people in the fancy pants machine category! It used to happen to me a lot, then I started taking a phone picture of my settings. Works like a charm! Fancy pants machine users can use their memory components.


And if you’re like me, it’s also possible that you’d forget to change the settings as well, so I use the post it system for that! I stick a post it with CHANGE SETTINGS to the front of my machine. A simple reminder!!
xo LC

2 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Phone Pic

  1. Great ideas! I have ripped out more stitches than I will admit to by not being able to replicate everything the next day! :)

  2. Great idea. I have a Bernina 220 and a 1230 and I think the basic straight stitch is even too tight. But this will be great for machine applique.

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