Terrific Tip Tuesday: Wonders of Washi 2

Are you ready for some more fun with washi?! I use it all the time in my sewing world and I have a few more tips for today! When I cut the same length over and over, I mark my ruler with washi. It comes off easily when I’m done and no residue! I mark a smidge past the line so I can still use the line for alignment.


This week I found myself binding while I was out and about. My whole world is covered in thread, so it doesn’t bother me at home. But out in the (nonsewing) world, I try not to leave a trail of thread. Insert the wonderful world of washi! One upside down piece of washi and I was in business.


And one more! This weekend, I’m heading to a retreat. One unfortunate side effect of sewing among other sewists is losing your tools. Lots of us have the same tools and washi is cuter than sharpie!!


Happy washi-ing!
xo LC

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