Terrific Tip Tuesday: Belt it In

Today’s tip is more safety related. A few months ago, I was in a car accident. (I say accident, but the man that hit me thought the red light was just a suggestion.) My car looked like this.


It could have been worse. Luckily I was alone at the time and he hit the passenger side. But I did have Macy, my sewing machine, with me. She was belted in the back seat. The officer had to get her out of the car. He told me how lucky I was that she was belted in because projectiles are quite dangerous in a wreck. So belt in your baby!

Safe travels!
xo LC

6 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Belt it In

  1. I’m with you! I always belt in my sewing machine, as well as my laptop. I’ve been teased about it, but your story tells the tale. This is also a good time to remind everyone to buckle in their cat or dog carriers for the same reason. You’d hate to see them go flying through the car.

  2. yes mine is surely belted in every time now considering i took a sewing machine to the back in a near accident when I had to slam on brakes to avoid a person pulling out across my path 00 hubby has learned his lesson on this one too, as he was the one that neglected to buckle her in.

  3. I’m used to travel long trips with my car (which is american, which means big with lots of storage), I buckle almost everything and use some extra ropes as well. Even something quite light can be dangerous in a wreck. So that was good of you to remind quilters/mothers/drivers about this :) and keep driving safe!

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