This Little Designer Went to Market: Part 3

I’m back with more Quilt Market fun!! I was SUPER excited to find my patterns in the United Notions booth!


The Moda area was huge and full of awesomeness!


Then I headed over to meet Joel Dewberry. Aviary was one of the first lines that I hoarded. His booth is awesome and Birch includes a reprint of a great damask deer print that I want to back all the things in.


We took a selfie!


Amy Butler’s new line Glow! I love the colors!!


Amy signed a special present for a friend! She’s genuinely one of the nicest people that I’ve ever met!!


I want this bag! I can’t wait for the fabric so I can make a replica.


The Dear Stella booth was as adorable as their fabric!!


And oh my goodness, the Monaluna booth!! Adorableness everywhere!


I even wanted to start making kids’ clothing. Plus an aqua machine!


The Penguin & Fish booth was awesome! Too much cuteness!! I’m begging Gina at The Little General to get these kits. Adorable!!


Violet Craft is awesome!! Seriously. I told her of my epic hoarding of the birds and she didn’t judge. Plus she hooked me up with some sample fabric that’s going to be part of an epic giveaway coming soon!


And the birds have gone metallic!! And it’s good metallic:)


I love the new Valori Wells Blueprint Basics from Robert Kaufman. This was one of my favorite booths. It was bright and cheerful just like the fabric.


There will be at least one more post; there’s still so much left to see!
xo LC

Shirt Mania!

Have you been shirt making like a fool?! I have!! This is my current favorite.


The deadline is fast approaching for All Shirts 2.0. Details are here. I just sent a reminder email to everyone that’s signed up with my address. Just email me at LC at maychappell dot com if you need my address! You need to mail by June 15. There are some awesome shirts out there! Check these out from Instagram.


And since I know lots of you are going to ask…there will PROBABLY be a Shirts 3.0 with a late Fall deadline.
Happy Shirting!
xo LC

This Little Designer Went to Market: Part 2

Quilt Market was so full of eye candy and inspiration that I could go on for days! This Cotton & Steel fabric display was a favorite of mine. Love the concept of five designers working to create a cohesive collection. The basics are just dreamy. Let’s be real, every line is dreamy.


And I got a group shot with everyone at Cotton & Steel!


I did frequent check ins at Carolyn’s booth. Inspiration every time.


Love Bonnie Christine’s new line, Winged! Gotta give love to a fellow Carolina girl!!


The Alexander Henry booth was as spectacularly awesome as one would expect. Sadly, word on the street is that this is the last line of The Ghastlies. I’m a little sad.


I love this quilt!! It was in the Moda booth. So bright and cheery!


The convention center had wonderful natural light. It was nice because you didn’t feel like you were inside all day…even though you were inside all day.


Dinner with friends! Mary, Kristen & Ellen!!


Soak had a manicurist in their booth! They have awesome nail polish sets curated by the likes of Denyse Schmidt and Lizzy House. They also have a fabulous starch alternative, Flatter and a great option for laundry, Soak. I got the Denyse manicure!


There are lots of cool Bloc Loc rulers! Seriously, I wanted one of each!!


I met Angela Walters and got her new book. It’s a cool workbook for free motion quilting. I’ve only had a chance to skim it and it’s AWESOME!


I did a little chat at the Accuquilt booth about bringing Accuquilt into the classroom!


I’m obsessed with Hadley, the new Denyse Schmidt line.


And Tula’s booth! I LOVE that Marquis quilt! Gorgeous!!


Another dinner with friends! My sweet friend Chrissy with the gorgeous Omni behind her!!


There’s still more to report! But that’s all for now:)
xo LC

This Little Designer Went to Market: Part 1

Every time I head out on the road, I’m constantly reminded by how beautiful this country is! We left for International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh on a beautiful day!

We encountered a lot of tolls! Forty cents, really?! Who has one dime, much less FOUR?!


We decided to stop at Falling Water on the way. Amazing. Epic. Awe Inspiring. Awesome. Seriously, I don’t have enough adjectives to describe this place. So worth the trip! We had to beg our way in, but we went on the two hour intensive tour. If you’re ever in the area, go!! (Although I do highly recommend a reservation!)


I’ll spare you from seeing all 500 pictures that I took. But check out this lamp!! Drool.


Obviously this should be a sewing desk with built in ventilation!


I’m pretty sure that my new life goal is to somehow live in a house that opens directly onto the water. FLW was pure genius.


There are great lines everywhere. Just gorgeous. This might become a quilt.


Something amazing around every corner.


THE shot. There was actually a sign that said “The View >”. It didn’t disappoint.


After a great trip (& side trip), we arrived in Pittsburgh!


We headed to set up bright and early! This was my first trip to Market and I was helping my friend Carolyn set up her booth. It was exciting to get a full Market experience and help out one of my favorite people!


It started with a blank canvas!


Dinner with the Kaufman crew! They might be the nicest people I’ve met in a long time!! Quilty peeps are good peeps. (Image from the Robert Kaufman Instagram feed.)


Life changing scallops for dinner. So yummy!!


The next day was more set up and schoolhouse. Schoolhouse is this awesome day of 15/30 minute talks about all the new things. I started my day with everyone else…checking out Cotton & Steel. I love Melody and all of these gals are equally amazing!


Carolyn did fabulous at both of her schoolhouses! She introduced a collection of gorgeous Aurifil thread, two new patterns and her BOOK! I want to make all the things!!


I had a geek out/OMG moment when I met Quilt Dad John Adams & imagingermonkey Katy Jones! They’re both just fabulous people!! I also might have won that AMAZING fat quarter bundle from The Fat Quarter Shop, curated by Quilt Dad!!


Jen Kingwell was also a highlight! She’s as beautiful a person (inside and out!) as her quilts!! Her schoolhouse was fascinating. She spoke as a shop owner and was full of ideas!!


My last schoolhouse was Emily Herrick. She’s sarcastic and hilarious. I like her. And I love this quilt. Definitely a rustic/deer vibe on the horizon.


Carolyn’s booth set up was complete! She’s a genius!! Spoiler alert: She won best booth. Just to be clear, the entire booth was from her mind, I just did what she told me. Lots of ironing, holding and pinning:) (Image from Nichole at Robert Kaufman because I somehow took ZERO pictures of the finished booth!)


Lovely swatches!


Tons of details. Each thing was spot on. Genius.


She filled a wall with images from her book photoshoot. An epic glimpse into her studio and world.


Savor each stitch.


There’s so much more for me to share!! More later!


xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Striped Binding


I love stripe binding! In fact, I’ve got a whole section of my stash that’s stripes for binding. I really like the pattern to align on my stripes as misaligned stripes are quite distracting. I start with my two pieces of binding.


Then I take one piece and press a 45 degree angle. I’ve already removed selvages.


Align the pressed seam to the pattern of the other piece. It’s practically camouflaged! Although full disclosure, this print has a hand drawn aspect that makes a perfect match impossible.


Pin in place. I’m a non-gluer, but a dot of appliqué glue would also be appropriate.


Sew along the line that you pressed.




Perfect striped binding every time!


xo LC

Needlebook Pages TUTORIAL

I’m joining Jennifer over at Ellison Lane today as part of her Summer Patchwork Series!


You can check out my tips for making this little needlebook look extra scrappy and yummy!


I like to label the pages of my needlebooks so that I know which needles are where. And I love to find new uses for selvages!! So I came up with these little page labels.


Choose two selvages. You want the part without the ink dots and fabric information.


Trim the selvages so that approximately 3/4″ of the printed fabric remains beyond the unprinted area. Trim the two selvages at the same time so they’ll be exactly the same size.


Sew a 1/4″ seam with right sides together.


Press the seam open.


Trim the selvages to be 1/2″ longer on each end than the pages of the needlebook.


It should look like this.


Fold in the edges neatly.


Fold in the other side neatly. I put a dot of appliqué glue to hold it in place; Clover Wonderclips would also work.


Topstitch the selvages onto the needlebook pages. Leave a long tail of thread at the beginning and end. Knot the thread and bury the ends.


Label the pages! Enjoy!!


Happy needlebook making!
xo LC

Block Party


Today is my stop on the AccuQuilt Block Party! I mentioned the new dies here and now I want to show you my finished project!! I used the Kite die. This is a shape I love that I’ve got no interest in cutting with a rotary making it the perfect AccuQuilt project!


I played with lots of different layouts before I settled on this one. I’m plotting a whole quilt with this design. The pieces were so easy to place. The die cut shapes nestled perfectly!


As fast as this was to cut, it was almost as fast to piece. I finished piecing the top in about an hour and a half. And perfect points everywhere!


I did free motion quilting on this pillow. Always ready for more practice!! I used different designs to accentuate the shapes.


Check out the rest of the block party!
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And be sure to check back here for more fun with the other new dies!
xo LC

Lazy Sunday takes on Chapel Hill

Last Saturday, I taught my first class at Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill! It was AWESOME! We had a wonderful time!!


Melony used April Showers and added some sunshiny yellow!


Jo worked from her massive Kaffe stash! It’s bright and fun!


Shirley pulled fat quarters from her stash! They’re gorgeous; she’s got great taste!!


Gwen is helping her daughter make a gift. I love the fabrics they’ve chosen!!


Jeanne made hers a little larger scale with charms and a jelly roll. It’s going to be gorgeous!!


And Maggie picked some fun bright fabrics! Love seeing a young sewist with so much talent!!


Julia almost finished hers! She totally embraced the randomness of this project!!


Beth also embraced the randomness! She added the pink and lavender to a batik layer cake. Perfect additions!!


Sudi-Laura made this beauty with Denyse! Love!!


We had such a wonderful time! It was a room full of talent and positive attitudes!! I’m looking forward to heading back there soon! I’ve got Fantastically Fussy on June 14, Modern Cross on July 28 & Designer Star on August 30!
xo LC

Let’s GO Fly a Kite

The new AccuQuilt dies are being released this week at Spring Market. They sent me a few of them!


I definitely squealed with glee when I saw the kite die!! It’s a shape I love, but hate to rotary cut. It’s tedious and hard to cut accurately. This one has the clipped corners that mean no flags once you make the block. Nice!


I also appreciate that the shapes are situated on the die so that your cut pieces have the grain running the right way. Double nice!!


So I picked some fabrics to immediately cut something!


Twenty minutes later I had this! And about half that time was picking my arrangement! I didn’t cut half the background because I think I want to switch to a darker fabric for the outer edge. It’s going to be a pillow!


I stitched up a block! Love it!


I can’t wait to make a whole quilt!!
xo LC