Terrific Tip Tuesday: Wonders of Washi 3

We are back to the wonders of washi tape for today’s post…with a little safety thrown in! It’s unsafe to throw a rotary blade in the trash. It’s unsafe at home but it’s REALLY unsafe when you’re at a retreat or taking a class. Since we all have washi in our sewing kits (right?!), just tape it to some scrap paper. It’s much less likely to injure anyone!


All the same rules apply to needles! Just fold a piece of washi around the tip!

Happy Sewing & Disposing!
xo LC

4 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Wonders of Washi 3

  1. great idea! I save the cases that the blades come in and mark one with a big black ‘x’ to keep the old ones in and throw them out when the container is full. I might mark that container with washi tape now. Much prettier!

  2. Washi tape in the sewing kit? I didn’t even know what Washi tape was until you mentioned it a while ago! LOL must put it on my watch for list when I get south again :)

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