Let’s GO Fly a Kite

The new AccuQuilt dies are being released this week at Spring Market. They sent me a few of them!


I definitely squealed with glee when I saw the kite die!! It’s a shape I love, but hate to rotary cut. It’s tedious and hard to cut accurately. This one has the clipped corners that mean no flags once you make the block. Nice!


I also appreciate that the shapes are situated on the die so that your cut pieces have the grain running the right way. Double nice!!


So I picked some fabrics to immediately cut something!


Twenty minutes later I had this! And about half that time was picking my arrangement! I didn’t cut half the background because I think I want to switch to a darker fabric for the outer edge. It’s going to be a pillow!


I stitched up a block! Love it!


I can’t wait to make a whole quilt!!
xo LC

5 thoughts on “Let’s GO Fly a Kite

  1. Sweet! The whole flag thing and grain thing intimidate me. (I tried to make a quilt that was all triangles. When I was hand piecing it, it was fine. When I tried to do it with my machine, it got very unhappy and I ended up dropping the project. My gram told me that I was probably not lining the pieces up along the grain the right way).

  2. I love most of the ones that they sent you — I saw the announcement yesterday and really want to order them soon. That pillow is going to be awesome

  3. OMGosh! I wish someone would send me stuff like that! LOL I also saw the announcement and I am like NO!!! Now I have MORE things that I want to try – I need more time! Your pillow is going to be fabulous :)

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