Needlebook Pages TUTORIAL

I’m joining Jennifer over at Ellison Lane today as part of her Summer Patchwork Series!


You can check out my tips for making this little needlebook look extra scrappy and yummy!


I like to label the pages of my needlebooks so that I know which needles are where. And I love to find new uses for selvages!! So I came up with these little page labels.


Choose two selvages. You want the part without the ink dots and fabric information.


Trim the selvages so that approximately 3/4″ of the printed fabric remains beyond the unprinted area. Trim the two selvages at the same time so they’ll be exactly the same size.


Sew a 1/4″ seam with right sides together.


Press the seam open.


Trim the selvages to be 1/2″ longer on each end than the pages of the needlebook.


It should look like this.


Fold in the edges neatly.


Fold in the other side neatly. I put a dot of appliqué glue to hold it in place; Clover Wonderclips would also work.


Topstitch the selvages onto the needlebook pages. Leave a long tail of thread at the beginning and end. Knot the thread and bury the ends.


Label the pages! Enjoy!!


Happy needlebook making!
xo LC

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  1. Cool idea… makes me wish I saved selvages lol oh well, I’ll just have to use something else… No shortage to choose from… except when it comes to starting a new project! Thanks for tips!

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