Terrific Tip Tuesday: Striped Binding


I love stripe binding! In fact, I’ve got a whole section of my stash that’s stripes for binding. I really like the pattern to align on my stripes as misaligned stripes are quite distracting. I start with my two pieces of binding.


Then I take one piece and press a 45 degree angle. I’ve already removed selvages.


Align the pressed seam to the pattern of the other piece. It’s practically camouflaged! Although full disclosure, this print has a hand drawn aspect that makes a perfect match impossible.


Pin in place. I’m a non-gluer, but a dot of appliqué glue would also be appropriate.


Sew along the line that you pressed.




Perfect striped binding every time!


xo LC

12 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Striped Binding

  1. Wow – thanks! I use a similar method, but never thought of the ‘press preview’! Total awesomeness :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this, it is really helpful. I haven’t tried stripes yet as I am rather loving spots and dots at the moment for binding.

  3. i love striped binding too especially on big bags now i know how to match it without pulling all my hair out lol! thanks!

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