This Little Designer Went to Market: Part 1

Every time I head out on the road, I’m constantly reminded by how beautiful this country is! We left for International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh on a beautiful day!

We encountered a lot of tolls! Forty cents, really?! Who has one dime, much less FOUR?!


We decided to stop at Falling Water on the way. Amazing. Epic. Awe Inspiring. Awesome. Seriously, I don’t have enough adjectives to describe this place. So worth the trip! We had to beg our way in, but we went on the two hour intensive tour. If you’re ever in the area, go!! (Although I do highly recommend a reservation!)


I’ll spare you from seeing all 500 pictures that I took. But check out this lamp!! Drool.


Obviously this should be a sewing desk with built in ventilation!


I’m pretty sure that my new life goal is to somehow live in a house that opens directly onto the water. FLW was pure genius.


There are great lines everywhere. Just gorgeous. This might become a quilt.


Something amazing around every corner.


THE shot. There was actually a sign that said “The View >”. It didn’t disappoint.


After a great trip (& side trip), we arrived in Pittsburgh!


We headed to set up bright and early! This was my first trip to Market and I was helping my friend Carolyn set up her booth. It was exciting to get a full Market experience and help out one of my favorite people!


It started with a blank canvas!


Dinner with the Kaufman crew! They might be the nicest people I’ve met in a long time!! Quilty peeps are good peeps. (Image from the Robert Kaufman Instagram feed.)


Life changing scallops for dinner. So yummy!!


The next day was more set up and schoolhouse. Schoolhouse is this awesome day of 15/30 minute talks about all the new things. I started my day with everyone else…checking out Cotton & Steel. I love Melody and all of these gals are equally amazing!


Carolyn did fabulous at both of her schoolhouses! She introduced a collection of gorgeous Aurifil thread, two new patterns and her BOOK! I want to make all the things!!


I had a geek out/OMG moment when I met Quilt Dad John Adams & imagingermonkey Katy Jones! They’re both just fabulous people!! I also might have won that AMAZING fat quarter bundle from The Fat Quarter Shop, curated by Quilt Dad!!


Jen Kingwell was also a highlight! She’s as beautiful a person (inside and out!) as her quilts!! Her schoolhouse was fascinating. She spoke as a shop owner and was full of ideas!!


My last schoolhouse was Emily Herrick. She’s sarcastic and hilarious. I like her. And I love this quilt. Definitely a rustic/deer vibe on the horizon.


Carolyn’s booth set up was complete! She’s a genius!! Spoiler alert: She won best booth. Just to be clear, the entire booth was from her mind, I just did what she told me. Lots of ironing, holding and pinning:) (Image from Nichole at Robert Kaufman because I somehow took ZERO pictures of the finished booth!)


Lovely swatches!


Tons of details. Each thing was spot on. Genius.


She filled a wall with images from her book photoshoot. An epic glimpse into her studio and world.


Savor each stitch.


There’s so much more for me to share!! More later!


xo LC

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