This Little Designer Went to Market: Part 4

Welcome to the final installment of my Quilt Market recap! It was just such an inspiring experience that I can’t stop talking about it! It was nice to call this place home for a few days.


I loved this bow tie display at Cotton + Steel! So pretty.


Emily Herrick’s booth for Rustique was so cool! I really like this line and can’t wait to make a quilt for my parents with it. I love that it has the rustic/cabin/outdoor feel with a fresh modern look!


Harvey! How cool is that?!


And then it all came down in an instant. Goodbye Carolyn’s little booth!


It was insane how quickly the pretty was packed up.


We had a fun little friend for the trip home!


I introduced Carolyn to Sheetz! Priorities people. And schmiscuits are a priority.


I picked up a lot of loot! And fear not, I’ll be spreading the love!!


Someone was very happy to see me. But still holding a small grudge for my absence.


I can’t believe this is the only picture Carolyn and I took together. At breakfast. Twenty minutes before she went home. It was such a blast my friend! You’re so crazy talented that it blows me away!!


I’m already ready for my next Quilt Market adventure!
xo LC

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