Camp Stitchalot: Part 1

Last week I headed to Camp Stitchalot in Michigan. It’s hosted by Pink Castle Fabric!! The counselors were Tula Pink, Katy Jones, Deborah Moebes & John Adams. On a scale of one to excited, I was about a 17!! I decided to drive because I had a lot of loot and it’s just easier.


I made a pit stop! This is a great shop with an EPIC sale room!!


Entering Ohio! You might not know this, but Ohio is the biggest state ever!! Seriously, I thought it would never end.


I enjoyed my first ever Slush Puppie! Yummy!


I finally arrived in Indiana! My sweet friend Ginny that I met at Sew South let me stay with her before camp!


This is the view from her gorgeous lake house!!


We headed to Shipshewana for some fabric shopping!! Lolly’s was pretty amazing!


There was a BOATLOAD of fat quarters! I found some goodies!!


They had some amazingness on their shelves!!


A valid message!


While I was in the neighborhood, I dropped by the summer camp that I worked at sixteen summers ago! It was one of the best summers ever and it was great to visit!!


This was the ice cream shop that we frequented! Good news…absolutely nothing had changed!!


And there was a fabulous rainbow!! We deserved it because it poured all day.


The next day, we headed to Michigan!! Ginny was also going to camp so we packed a lot in the car! Travel handmade. And let’s be real, way more than half was mine!


It was a blast to head to Pink Castle headquarters!!


We had lunch in Ann Arbor before heading to camp!!


Camp!!! Photo courtesy of Ginny as I took zero photos of the outside of camp:)


More later!
xo LC

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  1. FYI: when I clicked on the Pink Castle link I didn’t go to their site. It should be I wanted to check them out and I thought you would like to know. Happy Trails.

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