Camp Stitchalot: Part 2

We can call this the Tula and Liberty edition! So camp finally started and we arrived to two available seats at full tables. There were some tables with two people at the table and you know I brought way too much fabric for that!! So I took one and guess who ended up sitting across from me?! TULA!! I made her a little pinnie! And yes, I took that photo so it looks like she’s wearing a hat!


My first project was to make some Liberty patchwork pinnies for my SURMA group. I love little bits of Liberty goodness!


I finished them, but didn’t bring any stuffing. Hope everyone will love them!!


Tula hooked me up with some Moonshine!! I swapped her some Liberty!


There were door prizes all weekend! Guess what I won?! The complete FQ set of Foxfield! It’s possible that I chanted my name as they drew names:)


I completed my set of Cotton + Steel cards! Pink Castle has been sending these out with orders and once you have a full set, you are entered in a drawing for a FQ set of all of Cotton + Steel. Fingers crossed that I win!!


All the counselors did a quick talk about their awesomeness! The natural light was really bright in that room so I only snapped a few photos. This is Tula’s cartwheel quilt. It’s on my to make list!


More tomorrow!
xo LC

6 thoughts on “Camp Stitchalot: Part 2

  1. OK, I think you need to make a Cartwheel quilt and then teach it in a class! I would sign on to that one in a heartbeat,

  2. Okay, just to get that right. First you met Tula, personally – she even was on the same table. You “swapped” fabric with her and got “Moonshine”. I wouldn’t have been able to sew any line, compared with your nerves staying at stage 17 ;-) Lucky you. :-) I really like your little pinnies and the hat photo is so funny. Eva

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