Camp Stitchalot: Part 3

I’m back with the final installment of Camp Stitchalot! This is the sewing room! I basically camped out here and sewed through the weekend.


Katy brought each of us a kit to make this adorable pinnie! That’s Cotton + Steel fabric my friends!


Kim made me this awesome shirt!! I LOVE IT! She’s participating in the All Shirts Swap and I was super excited to meet her in person.


This is Sarah and me. She was one of the many many fun folks I met at camp!!


Jacqueline (the amazing gal behind Soak) came down and sewed with us! She joined our table. She’s making the GORGEOUS quilt with Liberty! We had a blast!!


I made Katy a pinnie with a chihuahua on it! She has a cat dog named Snoop who is Mack the chihuahua’s long lost cousin.


I made pinnies for all the counselors and hostesses! Plus one for Ginny! John and Deborah were great fun!! I cannot believe I took zero photos of them. I can assure you it was because they were so hilarious and entertaining that I failed to get out my camera.


Camp Stitchalot was just all around an amazing experience. The counselors were amazing! The other campers were great!! And I learned so much!!! Watching Tula English paper piece blew my mind. A grand time was had by all!
xo LC

5 thoughts on “Camp Stitchalot: Part 3

  1. Love all the installments of you adventures at camp! I am glad that camping has evolved to a higher level, because I sure don’t remember going to camp as a kid being so productive LOL Glad you had such a wonderful time )

  2. This looks like FUN!! Going to have to put this on my wish list!!
    But I’d want you there, too! Are you game for going again?!?

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