Terrific Tip Tuesday: Thread Pull


I’m back with another thread related tip. This one is for the preservation of your machine. When you’re going to rethread your machine, clip the thread at the top and pull from the bottom so that the thread moves through the machine in the direction that it’s designed to travel.


The discs that the thread travels through control your tension. Repeatedly pulling thread backwards through them causes damage. This is bad.


Be kind to your machine!
xo LC

14 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Thread Pull

  1. wow. what a duh moment for me!! How many times have I just ripped it back through to start over?!! I NEVER even thought of that, and I’m usually very anal about those types of things. If I know how to do something the correct way, it bothers me when other’s do it ‘wrong”. And this isn’t a time when 2 ways could be correct!! Do you have any tips about restarting the thread during FMQ? Or where to bury the threads? I know it’s in the sandwich, but I could always use more tips about it! (If you don’t FMQ please ignore my question!!)

  2. Good to know! I’ve recently realized that I need to be nicer to my machine (it had quite the hissy fit the other week). My Gram told me to dust it a little every time I change the bobbin, so I’ve been trying to get into that habit, but this sounds just as important.

  3. When threading the sewing machine the presser foot should be up. When it is up the tension disks are not engaged and the thread slides through easily. If the presser foot is down the tension disks are engaged (closed) and you will have a harder time getting the thread in properly.

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