The Fiver Gets Wider

Did y’all see my new Fiver Tote that I posted a couple weeks ago? It’s fast and easy and uses five fat quarters. Since I’m heading on vacation (technically I’m there and I’m scheduling this to post while I’m away;) ), I wanted to make a little tote with my Cotton + Steel. I also wanted to make a quick present for my sweet friend Holli. Sometimes a surprise for a friend is just fun…no birthdays, holidays…just a “I think you’re awesome and I’m glad we’re buds!”. I selected these fabrics and ribbons.


Because so many fabrics are directional across the lengthwise of a fat quarter (including all the fabrics I chose here), I’d been thinking that The Fiver would be cute made horizontally. All the cuts are the same, except the pocket is 20 x 17″ and you’ll attach it 5″ from the bottom. And you’ll need 20″ of decorative ribbon.


I also set the handles center at 3″ out from the center of the bag. It looked more proportionate. And when I boxed the corners, I measured down only 3″. (Although I failed to take a picture of that!)


Here’s a little trick I learned from The Guru! It’s a garment sewing secret. If you’ve got a seam with outside fabric and lining fabric and you want to be sure that the lining fabric stays where it should be and does not peek out, press the seam open. Then finger press the seam allowance to the lining side and stitch it down. I’ve shared this tip before with step by step pictures, check it out here.


This makes for easier top stitching and a clean edge every time!


Here is my bag!! I love it! It’s currently touring the great white north!


The selvages on Cotton + Steel fabrics are amazingly wonderful. I’m hoarding them. I decided to work them into the design.


I remembered to mark the maker! The lining fabrics are fabulous.


I stitched leather to cotton webbing for the handles.


And here’s Holli’s bag! I used some precious Tula Pink owl ribbon for her bag.


I used selvage for this bag too!


And more fun lining!!


Happy bag making!
xo LC

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