Terrific Tip Tuesday: Pressing Delicates


Sometimes you need to press something, but you don’t want to literally press it flat. This can be true of certain textiles such as seersucker. But for me, it’s always my embroidery projects. They’ve been stuffed in a bag and wadded up for years stowed neatly for a few weeks with minor fold lines and I want to press them without flattening the stitching. There are fancy pressing cloths for this, but nothing works better than a washcloth!


Keeps the stitches “safe” and the fabric pressed!


xo LC

8 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Pressing Delicates

  1. Do you ever sleep? What a great idea.
    Really enjoy seeing what you are making. You are a very busy girl.

  2. I keep a small hand towel in my nest, just for that purpose!! Great stitches too!
    I’m looking forward to meeting you at A Stitch In Time later this month!! I wish I was able to take the class, but it filled fast. No worries though, I am an hour away. I will be the really excited one!! xo

  3. your tips are awesome.. and the sentence that is lined through.. cracked me up.. we all know that we all do this.. keepin’ it real..

  4. Bless you May for this tip. I have been working on quilt pieces-Christmas Wheels by Bunny Hill with all of the pieces in red embroidery & it is time to press & put together. I was so worried about how to not flatten the stitching, I would never have thought of using a wash cloth. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the tip. What is the best iron in your opinion? I have an older Rowenta but do not like it, it spits and makes a mess out of my fabric. Thinking about getting a new one.

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