Terrific Tip Tuesday: Washing & Drying Your Quilt


Washing quilts can be a real nail biter. You’ve put so much work and love into your quilt, and the idea of color bleeding everywhere makes your stomach turn. The answer…color catchers! They’re found with detergent and dryer sheets at most grocery stores/superstores and often at your LQS. You can reuse them until they’ve turned black. If I have a quilt with lots of brights, I’ll throw in multiple color catchers to ensure no bleeding. I always wash my quilts with them, even after the first washing.


When you transfer your quilt to the dryer, add a few tennis balls and it will help the quilt dry fluffy. It will also sound like there’s a marching band in your dryer, so don’t panic!


Happy Quilt Washing!
xo LC

13 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Washing & Drying Your Quilt

  1. Tossing my new quilts in the washer for the first time is the dreaded step in the quilt making process for me. I have used color catchers, but I had no idea that you could reuse them. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Never heard about the Tennis balls but i have thought about using the catchers several times – good to hear that it works before testing :-)

  3. I SWEAR by Color Catchers!! They are awesome! I’ve never reused them tho!! I didn’t think it would be as effective, but I’ll give a go…and the tennis balls too! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Do you always wash your quilt once it’s done? I never have (I get worried that it will get rumpled) but it seems like lots of people wash their quilts, so maybe I’m making a beginner’s mistake?

  5. I can’t imagine washing a quilt without Color Catchers; had a near disaster recently as I didn’t use them on a subsequent laundering (didn’t think I needed to) but all is well now. Whew!! I’m posting about that very subject, and my solution to the problem, on Friday.

  6. I saw on someones’ blog the other day (sorry I can’t name them as I don’t remember who!) that if you dip test a small piece of fabric in hot water and the colour runs, you need to pre wash the fabric, if it doesn’t, it should be (nothing is 100% failsafe) safe to not wash it till after completion…..I think I’ll be starting to do this test…and I have colour catchers for those times when I haven’t pre washed!


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