Terrific Tip Tuesday: As Thread Leaves the Spool


We are back with another Carolyn guest post, hand sewing style. When you’re stitching, it’s best to thread the end of the thread that you pulled off the spool first and knot the end you pulled off last.


The thread is less likely to knot up on you. Also, this way, you’re stitching in the same direction that the thread came off the spool.


xo LC

Winner! Winner!

It’s time to pick a winner from the Imagine Quilts giveaway! I caught Mack the Chihuahua accepting bribes. Can’t you see the guilt?


So I used the random number generator myself and the lucky winner is number 21!


Her favorite dog is her pooch! I approve.


Plus, there’s a surprise!! You win the e-book of Imagine Quilts by Dana Bolyard AND a pack of Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics Aurifil thread. Thanks to Dana for the bonus prize!! Congrats Sue!


I can’t say enough nice things about this book (and Dana!)!! Make sure you check it out!
xo LC

Carolyn’s Big Visit

Last week was Carolyn Friedlander’s big visit to North Carolina! It was even better than expected (and I had high expectations)! We started with a trunk show and book signing.


Cynthia made her a shirt! She’s an active participant in the All Shirts Swap.


The next day was the Stripes class at Sew Original. Carolyn talked about arranging prints in color order. It was a great new approach to color and applies easily to this quilt. It was fascinating to see all the different arrangements.


I made this. It’s going to grow up to be a pillow. It’s for my pal Sarah.


Amy made these! Gorgeous!! She’s doing a Wake Forest themed wall hanging.


Then we headed to dinner at The Porch! Here’s Shirley, owner of Sew Original, Carolyn & The Guru.


Sarah showed off her just finished Tangelo! A full reveal is coming on her blog soon. She worked on this during countless retreats and FaceTime sewing events over the last year. It was so exciting to see it finished. It’s amazing!!


The next day was the big class at Studio Stitch. There were so many fun folks in this class! We worked on another paper piecing pattern, Olive.


A bunch of the gals from my sewing group came to the class! Here’s Carolyn, me, Xandi, Melissa, Amanda Jean, Sarah & The Guru.


Here’s Shirley with her block. I love how well stripe fabric works on this block. Carolyn’s original had stripes as well.


Here’s my block! It’s also going to grow up to be a pillow!!


Then we went out for burgers and shakes!


Carolyn brought tons of her quilts from her new book, Savor Each Stitch, and patterns. Eye candy was everywhere. This is Facing East from her book. It’s on my “to make” list!


Aerial Grove, which is also from her book, is a favorite of mine. I love the subtle color change in the background.


This is Stripes, the pattern we made at Sew Original. It’s so interesting how she played with color.


Sessoms, a pattern, is also an amazing color study. This is a close up, but the color change across the quilt is fascinating.


And here is Botanics, an appliqué pattern. It’s amazing in person; photos can’t do it justice.


They’re all so unique, yet her aesthetic shines through. I love the use of color and different fabric types.


This is Olive, the pattern we made in the second class. Stripe fabric are so cool in this pattern. Love!


The last class was needle turn appliqué at Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill. I’ve never done needle turn and enjoyed the class. My assistant also enjoyed the class!


And Nicole and Amanda Jean had a blast! We were definitely the trouble table, but it was so great to hang out and stitch.


All in all, it was a great weekend of stitching and friends.
xo LC

The Talented Mrs. Gray, Let’s Try Again

The Triad MQG is hosting Karen Gray on Tuesday! She was snowed out back in January. Karen is full of fabulous ideas and I’m certain that it will be a night to remember. Karen hosts Modern Fabric Group Therapy at The Little General and makes many awesome things. She made this adorable dog bed for Mr. Mack.


We meet at Southfork Community Center on Country Club at 6:30pm. It’s the large building behind Cricket’s Nest. We always meet the fourth Tuesday of the month. See you there!
xo LC

Another Sampling of the City Samplerers

My City Sampler group at Studio Stitch is hard at work! Dianne has so many lovely Tula fabrics; her blocks are so bright and happy!! And I want to raid her stash.


Regina is doing a great job mixing up her colors.


Heather is using batiks and it’s looking wonderful! She has a lot of subtle value changes, but it makes you look closer.


Cathy is using plaids and homespuns. She’s had some trouble with the loose weave, but they’re looking great.


Emily has some awesome fussy cuts in there! These blocks need the fussy cuts even if you’re using graphic shapes.


Sharon caught up on all her blocks! Love the pops of color!!


Paula is also the fussy cut queen! I’m going to need some of those horses and bunnies.


Kathy is working from her (epic) Kaffe stash. The bright colors look awesome. And we have sashing!


Nancy is using a variety of fabrics. She has this great fussy cut that says “I like you.” I like it.


Marsha is all over the Tula! It’s bright and gorgeous. It’s amazing to me that even with all the people using Tula, they look different.


Nancy is pulling from a gorgeous rainbow of fabric. By selecting the same palette that Tula did in the book, she’ll get her own rainbow.


Lydia’s blocks look wonderful! I love how she fussy cut graphic shapes and mixed Tula with solids and blenders.


Barbara is working with the same fabrics as Nancy, but it somehow looks totally different! They’re great! And the sashing…swoon.


Pamela is master of the fussy cut! I don’t know where she finds all these cool things.


Susanne is using Kaffe and it’s looking so awesome! She’s working hard to bring in all values and it’s paying off.


Joanne is using Allison Glass. She’s focusing on just one color per square. They look fabulous.


Justi is channeling Joel Dewberry. They look awesome. And this line is so extensive that it still has a scrappy vintage vibe.


The Sew Original crew is getting closer to the end! Chris made this month’s blocks!


And caught up on last month’s blocks! She has great pops of color. Love!!


Jeannie’s are looking wonderful! She has some great pairings of fabrics!


The Guru’s are also looking really good! She’s working to make sure she mixes up which fabric she pairs together.


The end is in sight for this crew!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Aurifil Placement


Since Carolyn visited Winston (& Greensboro & Chapel Hill) over the weekend, I had to hit her up for a guest tip for this series! When you put your thread on your machine horizontally, it’s best to put it where the thread comes over.


And if you use Aurifil, you can remove the bottom cap and move it! That way, you’ll be able to get the thread the right way.


She gave me another great tip for hand sewing thread that I’ll show next week!
xo LC

Imagine Quilts GIVEAWAY

A few weeks ago, the amazing and sweet Dana Bolyard of Old Red Barn Co. came to visit the Triad MQG and Sew Original. We celebrated her new book, Imagine Quilts! Can we just start with the cover?! I love that quilt! Perfect scrappiness.


We were able to do a workshop with her and make tons of blocks for charity! She’s very calm about sewing curves and offered some great tips. We combined all the blocks we made for nearly three quilt tops.


The book is wonderful! There are some great quilts in there. The whale is adorable!! It’s a favorite of mine as I love whales.


There are loads of great ideas with Dana’s scrappy style shining through. And she was sweet enough to offer an electronic copy to one of you! This giveaway is an easy one. Make a comment below about what your favorite animal is. Mack the Chihuahua and I will do a random drawing from these entries to choose a winner! The lucky winner will receive an electronic copy of Imagine Quilts! And there might just be a bonus prize. Entries open through Wednesday, August 20 at noon.
xo LC

Sara Lawson is Coming to Winston!

Sara Lawson aka Sew Sweetness, the fabulous blogger and bag maker extraordinaire is coming to Winston Salem! Sara is also the author of the hugely popular book, Big City Bags. She will be speaking at the Triad Modern Quilt Guild on Tuesday, September 23 & doing a workshop on September 24 at Sewingly Yours!


For the workshop, we are making the Miss Independent! I can’t wait to hear Sara’s tips and tricks!! The workshop is Wednesday, September 24 from 9-3. It’s $90 ($80 if you’re a MQG member) and includes the book. We are having a stabilizer and cutting party at Sewingly Yours on Monday, September 22 from 2-5 for those who want to get their class prep work done in a supportive (and fun!) environment! Make sure you call the shop to reserve your spot for the workshop; there are a couple seats left.


Sara truly lives up to her name, Sew Sweetness! She’s one of the nicest gals you’ll ever meet! She’s also author if a fabulous line of patterns.


And if you’re not already tired just thinking about all this, she’s a fabric designer for Art Gallery fabrics! Her line, Jungle Ave is currently available!


I’m so excited that Sara’s visit is almost here! We’ve been plotting it since January! The TMQG meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at Southfork Community Center at 6:30. Hope y’all can join in the fun!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Perfect Corners


I love to make bags! What I don’t love is turning out the corners. There are tons of tools; I’m a fan of the skewer myself. I’ve found when the bag has lots of interfacing, it’s even harder. My solution, dampen the corner! You don’t need to soak it, just slip it under the faucet for a second.


Wet fibers are more pliable. But this can work both ways, don’t jam your seam ripper in there and accidentally rip a hole! You’ll be able to work out your corner easily once it’s wet.


This wristlet was made with vintage fabric in lieu of embroidery using my Beach Creature Wristlet pattern from Stitch Magazine Summer 2014.
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Buttonholes


Today’s tip is an oldie but a goodie!! I was sewing with my friend Shirley the other day and she’d made some beautiful baby clothes. She was adding buttonholes and told me that you should Fray Check BEFORE you cut. This will keep the buttonhole looking perfect!


No stray threads or scragglies in sight!
xo LC