Terrific Tip Tuesday: Perfect Corners


I love to make bags! What I don’t love is turning out the corners. There are tons of tools; I’m a fan of the skewer myself. I’ve found when the bag has lots of interfacing, it’s even harder. My solution, dampen the corner! You don’t need to soak it, just slip it under the faucet for a second.


Wet fibers are more pliable. But this can work both ways, don’t jam your seam ripper in there and accidentally rip a hole! You’ll be able to work out your corner easily once it’s wet.


This wristlet was made with vintage fabric in lieu of embroidery using my Beach Creature Wristlet pattern from Stitch Magazine Summer 2014.
xo LC

9 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Perfect Corners

  1. I do corners differently. When I get almost to the corner, I turn my project at an angle, take two stitches diagonally, then turn the project and stitch down the other side. Trim the corner, flip the project so that the right side is out and use my point turner to carefully poke the corner out. Makes a perfect corner every time.

  2. the corners on this wristlet look rounded to me – not what I would call a corner – it looks great but not what I call a corner that’s all I’m saying – am I missing something


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  3. That bottom left corner looks discoloured too. If that’s a result of wetting the fabric I don’t think I’ll be using this method.

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