Terrific Tip Tuesday: Aurifil Placement


Since Carolyn visited Winston (& Greensboro & Chapel Hill) over the weekend, I had to hit her up for a guest tip for this series! When you put your thread on your machine horizontally, it’s best to put it where the thread comes over.


And if you use Aurifil, you can remove the bottom cap and move it! That way, you’ll be able to get the thread the right way.


She gave me another great tip for hand sewing thread that I’ll show next week!
xo LC

17 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Aurifil Placement

  1. I love your tips!

    On this one… I have a question… What difference does it make? In my sewing machine ‘s manual it says to place the thread the other way?

    Would that be depending on the machine you have?
    I have a Brother Innovis 350E


  2. Hi Lee, loved that tip. Sure didn’t know the cap came off. Now in England for 4 months, but having fun quilting!

  3. The direction the thread should come off the spoil is in relationship to the twist of the yarn. And the direction the thread is wound on the spool.

    The twist of the thread also determines if the loose end of the thread or the end cut from the spool should be threaded into the eye of a hand sewing needle.

  4. Have been fighting that twisting coming off the spool for years, .Aurifil factory even sent us
    thread to try. Didn’t work but this hint sure does.

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