MQG Leadership Extravaganza

Okay, so it’s technically a leadership conference, but that sounds so much stuffier than the amazing day of ideas, tips, tricks and networking that we have planned! This is something that I’ve worked on a lot over the summer; I’m chairing the committee to put on a Leadership Conference for officers of The Modern Quilt Guild. It will be held the day after QuiltCon on February 23, 2015 in Austin.

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The committee is full of so many amazing women with fabulous ideas for your guild! I cannot wait to start copying implementing their brilliance with the Triad MQG. The Pacific Northwest hosts a meet up for all the guilds in the area…I’m pretty sure the Carolinas needs to have this! Another guild did mini trunk shows. Seriously, so many great ideas!! And if I’ve gotten this from just the committee meetings, imagine what we will take away from the conference!

There are loads of plans for the conference and we are continuing to work on the details. Here’s the basic rundown: There will be a general session, followed by three more sessions. There are five topics and you get to choose three. There are some fun surprises, guest speakers (rhymes with Marilyn Leadpander) and so much more! Here are the topics:

A to Z: From Administration to Zombies, Everything You Need to Know About Managing Your Guild (General Session)

Stitch & B*tch: Conflict Resolution for Your Guild

Speakers, Teachers & Sewlebrities: Finding & Contracting Quilting Talent

Quilting Behind Bars: The (Il)legal Stuff

Keeping it Zentresting: Developing Programs and Guild Fun

Where’s the Swag Bag? A Guide to Sponsorships and Partnerships for Your Guild

So, why am I telling you about this? Because A. If you’re a leader, you should come! B. If you’re not a leader, you should tell your guild leaders to come! C. If you’re planning on being a leader next year, you should come! D. If you’re not in the MQG, you need to join! It’s truly one of the most rewarding parts of my quilty world! We want the most guilds to benefit from the conference, so registration is limited to two people per guild. Make sure your guild has a representative! Registration is about half full right now. All current MQG leaders received an email to register.

I’ve been told that it’s really obvious when I’m excited about something on my blog. So, just to be clear, I am SUPER excited about this! Please email me with any questions! And I’ll see you February!!

xo LC

4 thoughts on “MQG Leadership Extravaganza

  1. OMG this make me really wish I was going to QuiltCon!!! One downside of moving all the time is that I don’t get to be in a local guild and thus I don’t get to help nearly as much as I want to. All of these looks so good!

  2. Just sitting here past midnight looking for all things QuiltCon online and found this post. Really looking forward to the leadership conference!

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