Shirting it Up

Have you been furiously making shirts?! Let’s be real, I furiously make shirts the week before the deadline. But I do love to make a quick shirt here and there. They’re so fun to make!! I made this little guy out if some Liberty scraps.


And I made a special sewing shirt as a surprise for a friend.


We are about halfway there to the deadline in All Shirts 3.0! Shirts need to be mailed by November 1, a bit sooner if you’re international. You can read all the details and rules here. There’s also a sign up form. I’ll email my address to everyone on that form.
So go forth and shirt make!!
xo LC

3 thoughts on “Shirting it Up

  1. Is there a tutorial on making the paper pieced shirts? It is an intricate pattern and mine are not coming out very nice!

  2. ^ Gotta agree with Nancy — I’m finding some of the steps a little confusing. I think a tutorial would be a great idea!

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