Terrific Tip Tuesday: Traveling with Quilts


Today I am heading out to Houston for my first Quilt Market! I’m booth 2247; tell your shop owners. So I had to pack A LOT of quilts. The best method…the big roll. First I laid them out flat on top of one another. I put a large one folded in half on the top and bottom with all the babies in the middle.


Then I rolled them onto an upholstery roll. The Guru snagged a bunch of rolls from the local Joann (thanks to Mark, the manager!). I tied them off with strips of fabric.


A huge shout out to my sweet friend Amy who helped me roll (and reroll, I’m a perfectionist:) all my quilts! I owe you!
xo LC

5 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Traveling with Quilts

  1. This is an excellent idea except when would I ever have that many quilts??? In my dreams…Best of luck at the show. Have enough fun for all of us!
    The cleaners has those rolls for table clothes too.

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