Terrific Tip Tuesday: Display Tools


Fall Quilt Market is over. There will be much sharing (and oversharing) about it next week. But it’s time for the Friday edition of Terrific Tip Tuesdays!! This is a display/photo shoot tip. I discovered these little bendy things at Home Depot. They’re technically called rubber reusable twist ties and come in multiple sizes. They look like this and are very pliable.


Trust me, they’re a huge asset for photoshoots. You can tie them, bend them and make them do lots of things. And they very easily hold up things like this!


Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to The Guru!
xo LC

6 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Display Tools

  1. This looks pretty cool, but can you show us the back of the pictured image? And is the bottom, the part holding up the project, created out of these bendy things? It sounds like a terrific idea!

    • I used one of those plate stands to hold up the bottom and then attached the bendy things to that to hold up the top. The bendy things are more than strong enough to hold the whole thing up! Unfortunately I took these photos at market and then sent the kit to a trunk show so I can’t recreate the image to show you the back.

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