Terrific Tip Tuesday: Storing Binding


I like to mass make binding. This relates heavily to my quest to immediately finish a quilt the EXACT moment I finish quilting. So I needed the perfect storage spot and I had these cool antique spools that The Guru gave me that I stole from The Guru’s house.


I’m certainly not the first person to put binding on a spool. But let me tell you how handy it is when you’re attaching binding…you can put the spool on your thread stand and unwind it as you attach it!
xo LC

2 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Storing Binding

  1. Great idea. I have mine wound around fabric flats, the cardboard center in a bolt of fabric. Then stand the flats upright with the fabric tubs. But the spools would be great when sewing the binding on the quilt. I also sewing the quilt top, I make the binding; I finish quilting the quilt, apply binding and label immediately. I want that puppy DONE, lol.

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