Terrific Tip Tuesday: A Bloody Issue


No one likes to poke their finger with a pin (or worse yet, sew over their finger), but it is so much worse when your blood gets on your fabric! I’ve found my words get less and less PG the bigger the mess. The best way to clean it, spit on it. Your spit gets out your blood. I’m sure there’s a fancy scientific reason that this works, but details aren’t important. It works.


Save the fabric!
xo LC

7 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: A Bloody Issue

  1. It’s true!! My friend who has a haemophiliac son also told me dishwashing liquid works a treat for bigger messes (but then you probably also have bigger issues if you get loads of blood on your quilt…)

  2. Wash your injury, blot dry…..cover cut with nail glue. Kid you not. Old manicurist trick for paper cuts, etc. In a few days the wound will heal. Nail glue acts like a bandage. No pain. Most cuts burn because the air hits the newly exposed skin. Nail glue covers it. No air…no burn. This is intended for minor superficial cuts. NOT major injury. Should you want to remove glue, let it dry then apply oil and just rub it off. Try it, you’ll like it. Your welcome. LOL

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