The Sewing Porch GIVEAWAY

I’ve recently cleaned up the Sewing Porch! Why you ask? Because I GOT A NEW SEWING MACHINE! Don’t worry, Macy is still around; she’s going to be my travel machine. I wanted a full size machine and I chose the Bernina 530 Swiss Edition. I’ll admit to being swayed by the super awesome red faceplate. This machine is pretty amazing! I’ll also admit that I might have gotten a new cutting mat to match. I do love red!


I moved out of my bedroom and onto the Sewing Porch about a year ago. I love the space since it’s full of natural light. I wrote about my old space here. There are lots of tips for organization! I have most things set up the same in the new space. Off to the side, I have my old laptop (for endless trivial tv viewing), my iron, two tv stand ironing boards and a basket for scraps under my desk. I keep scraps in there until it’s full (this is pretty close!) and then I make a scrap project and donate the scraps to my guild!


I still use my handy dandy red box from my old Bernina 830. It’s a great box for all my feet and such. I’ve long been a Bernina lover.


Here’s a good shot of the machine! And my view!!


To the other side, I have more stuff super important sewing loot! I love all the friends that made me these treasures and I hope that my treasures are loved in their sewing spaces.


The new machine does some pretty fancy stitching. I had to play!


And play some more!


So, it’s time for the GIVEAWAY! What should I name the new machine?! Lucy and Big Red have been very popular as I’ve chatted with people this week. But what do you think? Nominate a name in the comment section. If I choose your name, I will make you something cool on my new machine!!


I can’t wait to hear your ideas! The contest is open until I pick a name!!
xo LC

87 thoughts on “The Sewing Porch GIVEAWAY

  1. I’m digging the redheads theme, so I’m going to stick with that:

    MERIDA! Absolutely Merida. The redhead from “Brave.”

  2. I would pic Lucy. The reason being, Big Red is a character on Orange is the New Black and I would always think of her when I looked at my machine….she wasn’t very nice.

  3. How nice Lee!! If you like Taylor Swift, she named her last album Red, so either Taylor or Red or Swifty…maybe Swifty because you will turn out great work swiftly!! Have fun!

  4. Name her “Sedona”
    after all that stunning Red Rock beauty in Arizona.
    Keep on playing, love your play stitches:)

  5. I have always been a big Peanuts fan…so I vote for the Red Baron! or the Red Baroness if it is of the female persuasion! or what about Scarlett?…but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn (just kidding! You know that I would treasure one of your projects!)

  6. Ok, here’s another: Wilma. So when you walk in the door, you can yell, “Wilma, I’m home!” …does quoting Fred Flintstone make me look old?

  7. According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, the top baby names in Switzerland last year were:

    Gabriel and Emma among the French-speakers,
    Noah and Mia among the German-speakers, and
    Gabriel and Sofia among the Italian-speakers.

    I’d call your new baby, Mia. That way you’d have Macy and Mia, the Swiss Sisters.

  8. Rosebud — like from citizen Kane — to celebrate the happiness that the machine brings ot your life

  9. Did you know that Lizzie Borden was a redhead? You might not want to run with this but at some point you will want to murder her and at some point she will want to murder you! It happens…even in Berninaland. As me, and ddy, how I know ;-). That said, I adore my Aunt Bea! And OneEighty!

  10. Well, both of my boys are red heads, and they are often referred to as “Ginger’s”, so I would go with that…Ginger!

  11. I have been watching these posts and I was looking at your beautiful machine and WALDO came to mind with his red and white stripped shirt LOL

  12. New idea! I should not be thinking about this so much!…How about Piper? Cute and catchy and she can actually do piping!

  13. Love the red because it’s my fave color. So of course it deserves a sassy name, therefore; I nominate the name of “Hottie Tottie” for your new machine. Btw – congrats n have lots of fun with it!

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