Terrific Tip Tuesday: Covered Cording


Today’s Tuesday! You have no idea how often this is news to me! Our tip is from Shirley Bailey of Sew Original. She’s full of useful knowledge and I learn something every time I sew with her. A few weeks ago, I learned this. And now I share… So, imagine that you want to make covered cording with no seam, for a strap or tie or something like that. You cut your cording twice as long as you need it with a few extra inches. (Calm down, cording is about thirty cents!) Sew your bias fabric around the cording as shown. Bias is key to success and it should be the finished length with an extra inch or two. Sew across the fabric and cording in the middle as shown.


Now, you skunch (technical term) the fabric. It’s hard to get over the hump, but once you do, smooth sailing.


Here’s the finished product. You’ll trim the excess cording and you’re in business!


xo LC

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