Terrific Tip Tuesday: Open Seams


I’m not much for pressing seams open. In my opinion, the seams are weaker. They’re held together by thread, while a seam pressed to the side has the strength of fabric. That said, there are certainly times when you need an open seam. If you lower your stitch length for an open seam, it will be much stronger. There will be more stitches per inch.


I sew on a Bernina and my typical setting is 2.4-2.6. When I’m pressing my seams open, I use 1.8-2.0.
xo LC

4 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Open Seams

  1. Great tip, Lee! I’ve been pressing my seams open lately for better precision on small blocks/pieces, and it concerned me that the seams are weaker. It didn’t occur to me to shorten my stitch length. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I prefer to press to the side, but lately I’ve been testing the waters of pressing my seams open. I also try to remember to shorten the stitch length, And I’ve found that backstitching the ends keeps the seams from flopping open when I press.

  3. Great to know. I am finishing a quilt that suggested pressing seams open. Good idea to shorten stitch length. Thanks for the tip.

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