Terrific Tip Tuesday: Photography Time


Today’s terrific tip is a quick tip for something that people write volumes about. Photography. There are so many factors, but here a few helpful hints! Take your picture outside on an overcast day. Even light looks better than sharp shadows. Before 10 am and after 4 pm are good times. A day with little wind is great. Images taken at these times require less correction. This is an untouched image taken at 4:30 pm on an overcast day.


Style your picture. Are there things that should be edited out? If it’s not contributing to your image, get rid of it. The green grass in this shot intensifies the reds. A flower would detract from the quilt.


Close ups are great! We sure spend a lot of time quilting, show it off!


These are just guidelines and hints! This picture breaks all the rules and it’s one of my favorite quilt pictures.


xo LC

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