Terrific Tip Tuesday: Smooth Pillows


Today’s terrific tip is pillow related. I’ve been making a lot of pillows lately and sometimes I use the store-bought forms, but sometimes I make my own. When you buy Poly-fil, you have to work with it or it’s lumpy. Start by pulling out a lump, and pull it apart at least three times.


Keep pulling until you get little pieces and then put those in the pillow bit by small bit.


This leads to a lump free pillow every time! If you still have lumps, pull it apart more. There’s going to be a very exciting Terrific Tip Tuesday next week…get ready!

xo LC

5 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Smooth Pillows

  1. Love your tips. I quit using the polyfil because they were always lumpy. Never to old to learn something new I guess.

  2. I’ve always heard this, but never heard to pull it apart three times, or seen pictures of just HOW small the bits should be. I love your tips!

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