Terrific Tip Tuesday: Ironing Batting


Thanks for all your kind words on last week’s post and a huge thanks to those of you that linked up or shared your tips in the comments section. (I’ve emailed a winner!) I’m back today with a new tip! I press the quilt top and backing to the batting when I’m making small quilts (usually anything up 45″). Basically if I can fit it on my ironing board, I do it. I start with the backing and then do the front.


Then I pin baste as I normally would. It makes for a smoother quilt.

xo LC

5 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Ironing Batting

  1. GREAT TIP! I’ve done this too and it seems to secure things nicely (not as an adhesive would, but almost)-love it ! Maybe a little less pinning before top stitching too. Thanks for sharing !

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