Round & Round Ribbon Mug Rug TUTORIAL

I’m not usually one for mug rugs, but I saw a really cute little mini posted on the Renaissance Ribbon’s Instagram page. And I  immediately thought, how cute would that be as a log cabin?!


So here we go! If you’re local, Amy made some kits at Village Fabric Shop (formerly Little General). She’s also got tons of ribbon, so you can pick your own!

Finished Size: Approximately 8″ square.

1. Supplies: You’ll need one 12 x 12″ piece for the back and a 12 x 12″ piece of batting. Plus one 2″ x width of fabric strip for binding (or a binding scrap at least 40″ long.) Plus some Renaissance Ribbons!
Here is what I used:
— 2 1/2″ piece of 38 mm wide
— 2″ piece of 16 mm wide
— 3″ piece of 38 mm wide
— 3″ piece of 38 mm wide
— 4 3/4″ piece of 38 mm wide
— 5″ piece of 25 mm wide
— 6″ piece of 48 mm wide
— 7″ piece of 38 mm wide
— 7″ piece of 16 mm wide
— 7″ piece of 38 mm wide
— 8″ piece of 38 mm wide

2. Prep the Back & Batting: This project is quilt as you go, so first iron the backing and put the batting on top of it like the beginning of a quilt sandwich.

3. Quilting the Ribbons: Place your first two ribbons in the center. Stitch along the length between the two ribbons.

Stitch along the right edge of the first ribbon.

Bury your threads on the back.

When you add the next piece, you will cover the raw edges. Just keep adding!

Work your way around and around adding a ribbon like a traditional log cabin.

4. Finishing: Trim to about 1/8″ beyond the edge of the ribbon.

It should look like this.

Add the binding! You’re done!

xo LC

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