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I’m heading off to Quilt Market in Minneapolis!! Full disclosure: When this posts, I’ll be setting up my booth! I’m in booth 721, so come visit! There are presents:)

This market was unofficially sponsored by Starbucks. I’m usually a skinny cinnamon dolce latte kind of girl, but they’ve introduced two things that have changed my life. The tiramisu latte and the s’mores frappacino! Trust me, try them. Three words: marshmallow whipped cream. 

My other unofficial sponsor was Red Box. I went and sewed at our cabin aka the land of no internet. It was great because I was basically off the grid and got so much done! I thought it would be fun to review the movies I watched while I pieced. These are obviously just my personal opinion. Here we go!

Big Eyes: Five Quilt Blocks A fascinating true story of artist Margaret Keane. There were so many plot points happening: a controlling marriage, commercial success versus “real” art, finding your voice, how one lie can blossom. In her heart of hearts, she creates because she must. And I think we all can relate to that. Amy Adams was superb and her husband was superbly creepy.  

The Imitation Game: Five Quilt Blocks This was also a true story. I’m a huge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, (If you don’t watch Sherlock, you’re making a life mistake.) so I expected that I’d like it, but I freaking loved it. It was a different era and it’s crazy to think how the world would be had they not succeeded. His life was cut far too short by ignorance which breaks my heart. Everyone should watch this. 

Whiplash: Five Quilt Blocks I did not expect I’d like this. Oh my, I was wrong! It’s about a drum student. Yep, two hours of loud drumming.  It was interesting to compare to my art school experience. Teaching something creative is about nurturing natural talent and there are definitely different ways to do that. This guy is certifiable, but each student must find their mentor.

You’re Not You: Five Quilt Blocks I have no clue when this came out, but Hilary Swank was robbed if she didn’t win an award for it. She’s a concert pianist stricken with ALS. I cried so hard that I couldn’t see my stitches. But it was so great!! 

Alexander & the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: Four Quilt Blocks It’s a fun kids’ book and a fun kids’ movie. We’re not winning any Oscars for Alexander here, but there are lots of laughs. 

Annie: Four Quilt Blocks I love Annie and this was a pretty great version. They updated it in all the right ways. Cameron Diaz is hysterical as Ms. Hannigan. The girl who plays Annie is perfect for the role. If you like Annie, you’ll like this!! 

Beyond the Lights: Four Quilt Blocks I’d never heard of this movie. The music is great and it’s a sweet love story. Very watchable while sewing as its super predictable. And Minnie Driver is in it! Who doesn’t love her?!

Boyhood: Four Quilt Blocks It’s worth seeing this just for how they filmed it over many so years with the same actors. I sometimes had trouble figuring out if time had passed because I was listening more than watching. I’d love to watch it again.

Gone Girl: Four Quilt Blocks It’s just as creeptastic as the book. I had read the book but I was still on the edge of my sewing chair. Read it! See it! In that order.

Horrible Bosses 2: Four Quilt Blocks The first one is funnier, but this one is still full of laughs! It’s a bit more criminally insane than I expected. I kind of want the weird shower thing they invent. Only kind of.

Rewrite: Four Quilt Blocks It was clever and fresh for being a Hugh Grant movie. (which is not to say that I don’t LOVE Love Actually!) It’s inspiring and reminds you that you’re never too old to live your dream or find your passion. I really loved it! Highly recommend.

The Vow: Four Quilt Blocks Another true story. She loses her memory and doesn’t remember her marriage or why she hates her family. I would’ve said ridiculously cheesy if it weren’t true. So I’ll give it an epic tale of love conquers all.

This is Where I Leave You: Four Quilt Blocks Who would’ve thought that a movie about sitting shiva would be really really funny?! I would watch this again because I’m pretty sure I missed some of the subtle jokes while I was listening.

Blended: Three Quilt Blocks With Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore, this should’ve been funny, but it really wasn’t. Not terrible, but not good. Pass.

The Best of Me: Three Quilt Blocks The cheese factor was high even by Nicolas Spark’s standards. Poor boy meets rich girl. They fall in love. Rich girl’s family breaks them up. Old friend reunites them. You’ve seen it before and this wasn’t a good version of it.

The Longest Week: Three Quilt Blocks More weird than funny, but I do feel like I owe it another chance when I’m paying attention. It turns out Billy Crudup is still an actor. I last saw him as the mean brother in Inventing the Abbotts, which is an all time favorite of mine. 

A Most Violent Year:
Two Quilt Blocks My disc was scratched. I missed the first ten minutes and didn’t really enjoy the next thirty. I bailed and used the code that Red Box gave me to get something less violent. 

22 Jump Street: Two Quilt Blocks To be fair, I’ve only seen part of 21 Jumpstreet. (Unless we’re talking the Johnny Depp version, in which case I’ve seen them all!) If I were a twenty something man, this is awesomely hysterical. I’m not, so it’s just ridiculous.

Wild Card:
Zero Quilt Blocks This movie is so bad that I seriously considered asking Red Box for a refund. I want my $1.50 back and that hour of my life. I’ve seen elementary school plays with better acting…and plot lines. 

Happy Streaming! Assuming you have an Internet connection. My next post will reveal all my new patterns! 



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  1. Love your reviews. I need to watch these while putting in my set in triangles on Tulas city scapes. GRRRRRRRRT. Do you know an easy trick for these. I am quickly losing my patience.

  2. Wish I could be there to see all of your “stuff” and you, and to get the free gift, of course!
    Do we ever have Quilt Market in Dallas? If not, we are missing out! Thanks, too, for the reviews. All my shows are signing off for the summer, need some entertainment.
    Hugs from Big “D”

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