Ribbon Key Fob TUTORIAL

My sweet friend Amy, who owns The Village Fabric Shop, asked me to help her with some make & take projects. She’s going to start having Make & Take Night on the second Thursday of the month. The shop is open noon to seven on Thursdays, so you can come by 4-7 pm. All the projects will be fast and fun! Plus, she’ll have low-priced kits! This month, we are making key fobs. 


I’m going to post a simple tutorial here for everyone who wants to make one at home! Here we go!
1. Supplies: You’ll need 12″ of 1 1/8″ webbing and 12″ of decorative ribbon. If desired, you can make the strap shorter; I chose 12″ because it easily slid over my hand. You’ll also need the key fob hardware. 


I recommend a walking foot and a Jeans 90/12 needle with Aurifil 40wt thread.

2. Attaching the Ribbon: Place the ribbon on the webbing using a Wonderclip or similar to hold it in place. 


Topstitch 1/8″ or closer to the edge to secure the first side of the ribbon.


Topstitch the other side down in similar fashion. If you can bear to stitch on the “wrong side”, it will keep your ribbon smooth and ripple free.

3. Attaching the Fob: Trim each end for a clean edge. 


Fold the ribbon end to end with the ribbon on the outside. Line up the key fob covering both ends.

Fold a scrap over the fob to protect it and press closed with pliers. I recommend you press in stages; don’t try to smash it all at once.


Add the key ring (and some keys!) and enjoy! These are addictive.


xo LC

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