Blogoversary Day!

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Today is my blogoversay! I’m celebrating with a week of fun announcements that will cap off with (spoiler alert..) a pretty epic GIVEAWAY! I’m starting today with a tour of my blog. Over the past few months, I’ve been expanding my website to offer more features for YOU. First, I’ve added all my patterns as PDFs under the SHOP section. I always encourage shopping local, but if a PDF download is the easiest thing for you, they are all there!

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By clicking on a pattern image, it will take you to the pattern page. There you can see a full front cover and back cover image (click on them to enlarge). This way, you have access to all the yardage and supply information even when your pattern is at home!

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The MAKE section is full of tutorials. There’s an image for each tutorial that I’ve done that links directly to the tutorial, including those on other sites. Guess what my most popular tutorial is? It’s Dotty Pouches! There is also a page under MAKE called SHOP RESOURCES.

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This page includes PDFs of the supply lists for all my tutorials and patterns for shop owners to easily kit projects. They’re set up four to a page for easy printing with a place for you to check off whether each item is in the kit, as well as a link to the Tutorial.

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Click on LEARN to see my current teaching, lecturing and trunk show schedule! Interested in having me teach at your shop or local guild? Use the CONTACT form to let me know and I’ll send you my latest workshop offerings.

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Below the list of Upcoming Classes & Events are Supply Lists for all my classes. This way you can always access the Supply List, even at midnight the night before a class;) Although I’m sure no one is last minute like that!

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The next page is OOPS! Sadly, despite all my best efforts, I am not perfect. These are the known errors in my patterns. Once the pattern is reprinted and the errors corrected, I add a Revised Date on the back of the pattern. It’s easy to see if the edits apply to you. If you buy a PDF pattern, the edits are automatically emailed to you.

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Finally, there’s a MEET page where you can see my smiling face and read about me. This page also contains the answer to the most common question that I get…Why May Chappell? and links to my What’s in a Name? blogpost.

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I hope you like the updates! See you tomorrow with more fun!

xo LC

4 thoughts on “Blogoversary Day!

  1. I love the format of your website. My Mom’s maiden name was Chappell, do you think we may be long lost cousins? LOL!

  2. Hello Lee, its great to meet you:) I’m a neighbor Sorta (SE Virginia ) Of course I too had to check out Dotty Pouches . You’ve inspired me the part 9-10 months that’s when I discovered your Blog. Congrats on a successful year

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