Blogoversary Week: New Series!

I’m starting a few new series on the blog. The Terrific Tip Tuesday has been well received and will continue (until I run out of tips;) Every time I think I’m out of tips, a new one pops up, so I think we’re safe.


The first new series is all about the tools! I’m not much of a gadget person, unless it truly makes it faster and easier! And it’s even better if it’s inexpensive:) These posts will focus on my favorite notions, the things that I actually use! It will be styled much like Terrific Tip Tuesdays, but be on Thursdays…and called Terrific Tool Thursdays. I know, I am super clever.


Next up is a new series all about COLOR! I love color and I love pulling fabrics. I took my Kona card and cut it up and challenged myself to make 52 palettes with those colors. I had to use everything- even the mauve and hunter green! Over the next year, I’ll have a weekly post called Color Stories. I will post a palette and then pull fabric from my stash based on the palette. I’m sure some will grow up to become quilts and some will just grow up to become inspiration. All will be fun color stories though! This series starts next Friday, June 26.


The last new series will be Flat & Happy! Flat & Happy is something that I say when I teach; we all want our seams to be Flat & Happy. I’m going to post about the patchwork process, from cutting to piecing to pressing. This series will start next Monday and run for a couple months!


I’m excited about all these new series and have been dying to start sharing them! The next few weeks should be fun:)

xo LC

15 thoughts on “Blogoversary Week: New Series!

  1. Hi Lee! I can’t wait for the color stories! I have the hardest time putting together seemingly random, stash pulled fabrics. I’m looking forward to the other posting, but look forward to this the most. I hope you are well!

  2. Wonderful!… I always enjoy reading your posts!
    (I’m especially looking forward to your color stories!)
    Pat T.

  3. I look forward to reading all the new posts in each series. A great addition to Terrific Tip Tuesday’s.

  4. I am really looking froward to all of these, especially the colour series. A girl could always do with a little help sewing so all kinds of help will be great. I am especially looking forward to the colour series. x

  5. I am looking forward to reading all of these! I always find something helpful or inspiring in your blog. Thanks!!

  6. 1. I am going to read this as Terrific Tool Tursdays.
    2. I will always hear Bob Ross in my head with “happy little seams”

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