Flat & Happy: Preparing the Fabric

Today starts the Flat & Happy series! It’ll be full of quick little tutorials on basic patchwork skills to better achieve flat & happy quilts!! These are all based on how I do things and you might not do it the same, but you might pick up a trick or two. Let’s prep some fabric! 

I start by spraying the back of the fabric with starch or a starch like substance. Flatter is generally my option of choice. Spraying the back means the starch will penetrate instead of evaporating the second your iron hits it.

I press everything with the selvage folded down the the existing fold. Make sure it’s straight. I offset the selvage about 1/8″ from the existing fold so I can see they’re straight. 


I prefer to prep about 18″ at a time. Once I’ve cut that, I prep the next section.


I don’t typically use steam. But if the fabric is super wrinkly, I’ll add some steam to help flatten it out!

xo LC

3 thoughts on “Flat & Happy: Preparing the Fabric

  1. This is interesting because I haven’t done it all this way but will have a go, anything that is simple and works is a plus. x

  2. I am curious as to why you use the existing fold as opposed to creating a new one by matching the selvage edges …. ?

    • Great question! I find that the existing fold is usually offset about 1/8″. It’s easier for me to tell they’re straight when they’re slightly offset since the edges are furry.

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