Terrific Tool Thursday: Frixion Pens


It’s time for another Terrific Tool! Have you tried Frixion pens? They come in a rainbow of colors, widths and even highlighters. Basically, heat erases the markings and cold brings them back (which is important to remember if you’re shipping a quilt as it will likely get chilly). When you wash the quilt, the Frixion markings are gone completely. I always test the markings on each fabric because there can be a “halo” left on some fabrics. I’ve found lighter fabrics work best with these pens.


I found this great one on Amazon that offers four color options!

xo LC

11 thoughts on “Terrific Tool Thursday: Frixion Pens

  1. I have used them and think they work well, thanks for the info on washing and for confirming that they are a good choice!

  2. I read somewhere that they were excellent for quilting so I bought a pack. I really like them, especially knowing about the hot and cold factor and washing. Excellent additional information. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  3. I have used the regular Frixion pens with great success. However I did not find the Highlighter pen worked at all, it didn’t iron off. I think the one I tried was yellow. Has anyone had a problem with the highlighter or did I get a bad one??????

  4. I haven’t tried these, but I definitely will–thanks for the recommendation! And for the Amazon link :) I clicked over and read the product description and almost spit out my breakfast giggling.

  5. These pens are great on light fabric, as you note, BUT they leave a white mark on darker fabrics. I read a post somewhere about how to remove those marks, but it was kind of a production. I’m going back to other markers.

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