Terrific Tip Tuesday: Copy the Pattern

Sometimes the cutting list on a pattern is daunting and you lose track almost the second you start. Make a photocopy of the cutting page so you can check off as you go! You can also attach your fabrics to this page for ease.

And if your making a size in the middle of the chart, you can fold back your copy so you don’t have to search for the numbers.

xo LC

6 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Copy the Pattern

  1. What an excellent idea! I do this with my crochet and knitting patterns, Never thought to do this with quilt patterns. Thank you!

  2. I kind of do this… I find I can wrap my head around the pattern better if I pull out paper and pen and make a list of everything I need to cut from which fabric. Then I just cross it off as I go. Writing things down has always helped my brain absorb it better.

  3. Excellent tip! I have done this for several quilt projects and it really does help to keep everything organized. Thanks for sharing and reminding me to use this tip. Have a wonderful creative day!

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