Terrific Tip Tuesday: Make HSTs


I love to make flying geese units. I prefer the old school one at a time method. I draw a line from corner to corner to stitch along to make the flying goose unit. Then I draw a second line 1/2″ closer to the corner. Stitch that line as well. It’s a bit easier to sew before you cut. I cut in between the two stitched lines. Use this method for both corners and you’ll have one flying goose unit and two half square triangles (HSTs). The HSTs are perfect for quilt backs! This is what your stitching will look like. 


xo LC

8 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Make HSTs

  1. I did this recently for two different quilts! For one, I have so many extra HSTs, I made pinwheel blocks. If I sash them good it’s practically a baby quilt.

  2. I need more than 1 photo for this I guess, because I don’t understand from what is shown here. Can you elaborate or show a few more sequence photos? Sorry! It sounds like a great tip!

    • Hey Linda!

      1. Sew the line from corner to corner on the square as you normally would for a flying geese unit.

      2. Draw a line 1/2″ towards the corner from the stitched line. Stitch this.

      (This is what’s pictured.)

      3. Cut them apart in the middle creating 1/4″ seam allowance for both pieces.

      4. Repeat for the second square.

      You’ll have your flying geese unit and two half square triangles. It’s easier to sew before you cut them apart.

      Does that help? If not, I’ll snap you a few extra pics:)

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