Terrific Tool Thursday: Fray Check


It’s time for another terrific tool! Fray Check (from Dritz) is a must for every sewing room. It’s a product that you put on ribbons, fabrics and threads to prevent fraying. It dries clear so there’s no ugly spot (although I do test it on unique ribbons before I go to town). This image was taken right after application so you could see how much I used.


Here’s a picture of the same ribbon. On the right is the dry fray check and on the left is the piece that I didn’t fray check. I opened and closed the drawstring bag five times and this is how much it frayed. I’ll be trimming it and applying fray check later:)


You can also use it for making perfect buttonholes!

xo LC


2 thoughts on “Terrific Tool Thursday: Fray Check

  1. My Fray Check lives next to my sewing machine :) In addition to raw edges like you showed, I also use it every time I have a questionable thread or clipped seam. For instance, I just finished a couple huge blanket stitched appliqué blocks using variegated thread; my machine doesn’t seem to like the changes in the thread and will occasionally drop a stitch and leave me with a triangle instead of a nice straight E … So I will have to clip the thread, pick out the offending stitch, and then stitch over it. Fray Check gives me piece of mind!

  2. A good friend and my quilting teacher gave me a bottle quite awhile ago and I have not used it. Seeing the difference that it does make, well it is now already sitting next to my sewing machine! I need to pick up a couple more and have a bottle by each machine. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful creative day!

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