Terrific Tool Thursday: Sewline Pencil

Finding the right marking tool is so tough! This is already the second time that I’ve made one a terrific tool. I LOVE Sewline Tailor’s Chalk Pencils. They come in a variety of colors: white, blue, pink. 

I love that they mark easily on dark fabrics. The line is easy to see and wipes away by rubbing it. Remember to always test a marking tool before you go for it! I got mine at Knit One Smock Too if you’re local. 

xo LC

2 thoughts on “Terrific Tool Thursday: Sewline Pencil

  1. And here I’ve been straining my eyes with my white chalk pencil from another company, not knowing that someone else has them in a color I can see!! I mean the white shows up beautifully on my brown background, but I can hardly see it on some of my print fabric. I’m looking into these pencils. Thank you!

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