Terrific Tip Tuesday: Traveling with Threads


Today’s tip is for travel! I love to embroider or hand stitch while I’m flying or in the car, but I hate trying to thread a needle in a mobile vehicle. No matter how smooth the flight, it’s frustrating! I take a post it note and fold in nearly in half using the not too sticky surface to hold the thread ends and needle.

Wrap the threads and tuck in the ends. The post it is just sticky enough to hold the thread, but not sticky enough to leave residue. Label the post it too! Sometimes you don’t get quite all your stitching done and you won’t remember! It’s easy to throw a bunch of these in your bag and with the needle point tucked away, they’re travel ready.


xo LC

6 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Traveling with Threads

  1. Clever! Whenever I’m storing a threaded needle, usually in a pincushion, I go ahead and knot it. Then I pull the unknotted end all the way through the needle’s eye until the knot touches the needle’s eye. They always stay threaded till I need them! Cwoosley12@yahoo.com

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