Terrific Tip Tuesday: Perfect Line Up

Today’s Terrific Tip is from Elizabeth Dackson of Don’t Call Me Betsy. She visited NC recently and was kind enough to share a tip! She’s a master of foundation piecing. When lining up two pieces, it works well to just stitch a small area.

Then you can check it before you sew the full piece. This is a trick I often use in patchwork, but I’ve never applied it to paper piecing. There’s much less seam ripping if it doesn’t work out!


xo LC

3 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Perfect Line Up

  1. And if you use a larger stitch length it is easy to pull out your thread if you didn’t sew right the first time. You can go over your seam with a smaller stitch length when you sew the whole seam later.

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