Terrific Tip Tuesday: Lining Up the Fold

Today’s tip is courtesy of the talented Shea Henderson. When you’re stitching up the lining of a tote or pouch and leaving an opening to turn it right side out, stitch off the edge as shown.

This will make the lining naturally fold in. It’s freaking genius!!
xo LC

14 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Lining Up the Fold

  1. Whoa! . . . and I struggle so much with tucking that part in trying to get it just right . . . I must remember this! And thank you!

  2. This is my favorite sewing trick. I saw it years ago in an Oliver and s pattern and have used it on everything that needs turned out ever since – patch pockets, pincushions, etc.

  3. what an awesome hint… and it’s like an ah-a moment…. or DUH! I will have to try to remember this! Thanks! I love Terrific Tip Tuesday!

  4. I discovered this tip a few years ago and it definitely is genius and works to make a nice edge!!!

  5. Ah hah! I needed that ..thank you. y’all would love Shea’s book “The School of Sewing ” Its fantastic ..great for inexperience and those whom know a lot about sewing and quilting . I especially love the section on selecting interfacing..I find myself feeling those bolts of Pellon in the store …now I know what I need for a bag or runner etc.

  6. O M G ! So simple but genius. I spend ages trying to get my edge right and am never happy. This is the best tip ever! Thank you xxx

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