Terrific Tool Thursday: Olfa Folding Mat


This tool is from Olfa! Olfa is the maker of quality cutting tools for quilting. It’s a folding cutting mat. When it’s open, it looks like a normal mat. (I actually worked really hard to get an angle so that you could see where the folds are because it is really flat.)


Then you fold it up! This mat is 17×12″. It’s also available in 24×17″.


It’s perfectly flat! The thickness is very similar to a regular cutting mat, but perfect for travel! I have a few travel cutting mats, but generally they are not the best mats. This one is just like my usual mat, but portable.


These are readily available, so ask your local quilt store to order you one. There also at Joann, so it’s a great coupon opportunity.

xo LC

Full disclosure: I was given this mat for free from Olfa with no obligation to say anything about it. I regularly buy and use their products. I’ve included it as a Terrific Tool because I genuinely think it’s awesome.

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