Terrific Tip Tuesday: Pressing Cards

When Shea Henderson visited, she gave me a few great tips to share here so I’m back with another one. When pressing a specified width, you can cut yourself a piece of card stock that’s the correct width to use as a guide. 

This is so much easier than trying to measure as you go! I have a metal guide that’s for this purpose but the iron makes it so hot. Thanks Shea!

xo LC 

3 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Pressing Cards

  1. I was thinking about ordering that hem template thingamajig because I, too have that metal guide… Now, I don’t have to… It’s really the little simple things that make me sooo happy. And I wonder, why didn’t I think of that?

  2. Isn’t this the best trick ever? I really loved using this and flying though turning under that 1″. Shea had the best ideas and I loved her classes…thrilled to have her book as a reference too! Thanks for this reminder.

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