Modern Patchwork: Converging Hours

Sometimes a quilt gets sketched on a napkin at Starbucks and then grows up to be in pages of a gorgeous publication. It’s Converging Hours in Modern Patchwork Fall 2015!


Here it is in the magazine!

I used Cotton + Steel Fabrics. They’re so graphic and perfect for a pattern like this. I used the viewfinders for the backing.


It was quilted by the SUPER TALENTED Russ Adams of The Back Porch Quilters. He really made the piecing standout.


Russ did a beautiful job! I chose a pale blue thread as a nod to the background fabric.

The magazine is available now! I know that Village Fabric Shop has it if you’re local!! And I’ve even made a few different bundles at the shop for options if you want to make one of your own:) If you want to make it just like mine, here is the Converging Hours Quilt Kit.


xo LC

11 thoughts on “Modern Patchwork: Converging Hours

  1. For all our sakes, glad that restaurant napkin didn’t get away from you! I now keep a tiny 3 1/2″ x 4 3/4″ graph paper scratch pad with me. Rhodia makes them; Amazon sells them. Keep on quiltin’–and sketchin’! Carol

  2. Lee,
    Your quilts are so beautiful. Many thanks to your Mother for sharing. I hope that you will stop in to see me. I would enjoy the third generation of your Mother’s family!

  3. Wow! This is beautiful! And you know what my first thought was when seeing the picture? How awesome it would look as a tablecloth, no batting, only a backing, outdoors, fluttering in the breeze . . .

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